– 删除不合规(Against TOS)评价

– 删除该买家账号的所有评价

– 屏蔽该买家账号在未来留评价。


Important Reminders



– Sock Puppet马甲/小号/刷单用小号

– Personal Sock Puppets/个人用小号

– Paid Reviewers. Paid MO. Gift Card

– Ranking Abuse

– Veteran Customer Account Compromised (VCAC)


– 付费评审员. 付费MO. 礼品卡

– 排名滥用

– 退伍军人客户账户被破坏(VCAC)

Sock Puppet判定因素

– IP地址跟配送地址不匹配 e.g. IP在中国或俄罗斯,配送地址在美国

– 假地址,google 地图找不到的地址,或者是公共建筑,非住宅、办公室等(转运地址除


– 账号下过很少订单,而且订单里面有相当一部分是free items

– 极少登陆账号,登陆账号也只是为了留评价和下单

– 一般都买便宜的东西或者数字产品 ebook, music等

– 只购买数字产品或supplements. 或者经常被举报的类目产品

– 经常给少评价的asin留评,尤其是该买家账号留了少于100条评价的

Paid Reviewers判定因素

Something via compensation/reimbursement/discounted or free items



– Top Reviews (1-1000)Top Contributors/Enthusiasts,先warning,15日内还在


– 给二次机会,可以appeal


Related to Banned- PRMO 另外的情况


1. Acofrectly banned customer creates a new account to continue abusive review behavior(same MO)

2. Acofrecty banned customer will begin using an older established account to continue abusive review behavior (same MO)

3. Verify that the new customer is the same as the previously banned customer, and not a false positive, such as a family member or a husband/wife scenario.

4. Verify that the original enforcement action was correct.

5. in addition to being the same person, the new account should f some of the following


1. Review actively soon after the previous account was banned. or an increase in review activity on the New account after the ban

2. Reviewing the exact same or similar items as the previous account

3. Reviewing in similar product categories as the previous account

4. Similar star rating pattern as the previous account


in the case that an account fs PR MO and related to banned, then ban for Related to banned.

If a Top Reviewer/Enthusiast account meets the below criteria to be banned, please ban the account. You do not need to file a request on RADAR in this scenario.


1. 被正确禁止的客户创建了一个新的账户,继续滥用审查行为(相同的MO)。2. 被禁止的客户将开始使用一个较早建立的账户,继续滥用评论行为(相同的MO)。3..验证新客户是否与之前被禁止的客户相同,而不是假的,如家庭成员或丈夫/妻子的情况。4. 验证最初的执法行动是正确的。5.除了是同一个人,新账户还应该有以下一些特点

特征。1. 在前一个账户被禁止后不久就积极进行审查。或在禁止后新账户的审查活动增加。2. 审查与前一个账户完全相同或相似的项目3. 在与前一个账户类似的产品类别中进行评论4..与之前的账户有类似的星级评价模式注意:如果一个账户有公关行为,并且与被禁有关,那么该账户将被禁止使用。- 如果一个账户符合PR MO,并且与被禁账户相关,那么就以与被禁账户相关为由封禁。- 如果一个顶级评论员/发烧友账户符合以下被禁的标准,请禁止该账户。在这种情况下,你不需要在RADAR上提出申请。

Buyer-Seller Communication Abuse(BSC)


通过使用Compensation/discounted product来获取评价的站内信

-Buyer initiatedban账号

– Seller initiated- buyer同意留评的,警告买家,第二次直接ban

Examples of abusive messages include: 不合规句子

Is it possible to purchase this at a discounted rate and provide an unbiased review of the product?

Let me offer your product to my reviewers at a discounted price. This can be done through issuing promo codes. (They know and all agree that they cannot share promo codes.) If you have products that you would be willing to offer free of charge, then we will gladly accept those too. What you will get in return: Some really great and honest reviews, maybe even some return customers or new customers, great communication between you and us.

– I am a product reviewer and I would love to test and review your backpack. I will post the review on Amazon as well as my own website. Please let me know if you can send me a promo code in exchange for an honest review.

I am writing to you to see if you are interested in sending me the product so I can test its functions and quality. In exchange for you sending me the product, I will write a detailed review of your product’s functionality, quality/durability, pros, and cons.

– I have a good opportunity for you, which is for me to write an honest review in exchange for the product listed below!

– I would like to review your Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or would like to make arrangements.

I would love to promote your product “B06XK21SJB” on my Amazon profile! Please contact me with the information in my attachment.


– 是否有可能以折扣价购买,并对产品进行无偏见的评论?-让我以折扣价向我的评论员提供你的产品。这可以通过发放促销代码来实现。(如果你有愿意免费提供的产品,那么我们也将欣然接受。你将得到什么回报。一些真正伟大和诚实的评论,甚至可能是一些回头客或新客户,你和我们之间的良好沟通。- 我是一名产品评论员,我很愿意测试和评论你的背包。我将在亚马逊以及我自己的网站上发布评论。请让我知道你是否可以给我发送一个促销代码,以换取诚实的评论。- 我写信给你,看你是否有兴趣把产品寄给我,以便我可以测试其功能和质量。作为你给我发送产品的交换条件,我将对你的产品的功能、质量/耐用性、优点和缺点写一篇详细的评论。- 我有一个很好的机会,那就是让我写一篇诚实的评论,以换取下面列出的产品!- 我想评论一下你们的便携式蓝牙音箱。如果你有任何问题或想做出安排,请随时给我发电子邮件。- 我很愿意在我的亚马逊个人资料上推广你们的产品 “B06XK21SJB”! 请用我附件中的信息与我联系。非辱骂性信息的例子包括。

Examples of non-abusive messages include: 合规句子

Hi, I am a YouTuber with a lot of subscribers. I would like to have a free sample of your product so l can make a video about it

-I have been reviewing products for many years. That’s why Id like to ask you if you would like some help reviewing some of your products. I can post the reviews on my Facebook blog·

-I have a business inquiry for you guys. I just started a YouTube channel and I have 11.3k followers on Instagram. I would love to do a good review on your product. I will do it for free for a sample of your product. If interested, please respond; thank you.



Paid MO/ Gift Card


– 留评 15日内有gift card接收情况

– 如果能追查到卖家,连带

Ranking Abuse

Ban the reviewer account and suppress all reviews with the reason code “Abuse-Paid Reviewer” and make account-level annotations with “Ranking abuse tied to Seller ID: (XYZ)” if the account meets the following criteria:

1. Real customer accounts with regular purchases (ie., does not fit PR MO). 2. Related customers with the same review pattern.

3. Reviews posted for sellers that have no relation to reviewers.

4. A number of consistently positive or negative reviews for the same seller.

i. If 4 or more reviews are posted within 7 calendar days on items from the same seller(s), it is considered ranking abuse.

ii. If less than 4 reviews are posted. do not take any reviewer or seller enforcement actions Account most likely fits SP MO or Personal SP MO if the account has less than 4 reviews and they are all for the same seller,

5. May or may not purchase the products that they review.



禁用评论员账户并抑制所有评论,原因代码为 “滥用-付费评论员”,并进行账户级注释 “与卖家ID绑定的排名滥用。(XYZ)”,如果该账户符合以下标准。1. 有定期购买的真实客户账户(即不符合PR MO)。2. 具有相同评论模式的相关客户。3. 为卖家发布的评论,与评论者没有关系。4. 对同一卖家的一些持续的正面或负面评论。i. 如果在7个日历日内对同一卖家的商品发布了4条或更多评论,则被视为滥用排名。ii. 如果发布的评论少于4条,不要采取任何审查员或卖家的执法行动 如果账户的评论少于4条,而且都是针对同一个卖家,那么账户很可能适合SP MO或个人SP MO。5. 可能或不可能购买他们评论的产品。

Veteran Customer Account Compromised VCAC


– 老号最近都没有购买历史,但给高风险的ASIN留评了

高风险产品定义: supplements, electronics accessories, digital books, etc

– 不寻常的错位地址登陆


– 修改了email地址,电脑OS,或者其他登陆方式改变等

– 表现的有点像sock puppet

– 与其他不相关的账号在登陆账号的行为相似,ip地址,fp地址等

– 关联账号,例如 email首字母都相同.same patterns



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